“Truly affecting without being manipulative, Carthage will stay with you for longer than you’d like it to, a testament to its striking honesty, and fitting remembrance for all those failed by the systems designed to protect them.” Exeunt Magazine

Tommy Anderson was born in a prison, and he died in one too. The last moments of his life are recorded on CCTV, and yet no one can answer the simple question: whose fault was it?

His mother Anne blames Marcus, the guard who was supposed to be looking after him. Marcus, acquitted by the courts but tormented by his part in Tommy's death, wants the family’s social worker to admit to the role she played. And social worker Sue can’t work out when it was she stopped caring.

Piecing together a boy’s life and death in care, Carthage asks who should raise our children when the systems designed to protect them can be as abusive as the situations from which they were rescued.

Carthage played at the Finborough Theatre 28th January - 22nd Febrary 2014


Elaine Claxton: Karin | Claire-Loiuse Cordwell: Anne | Oliver Jackson: Simon; Lou | Jack McMullen: Tommy |

Lisa Palfrey: Sue | Toby Wharton: Marcus | Chinna Wodu: Alex


Director: Robert Hastie | Designer: James Perkins | Lighting: Gary Bowman | Sound Design: Emma Laxton |

Fight Direction: Philip d'Orleans

Jack McMullen as Tommy Claire-Loiuse Cordwell as Anne Elaine Claxton as Karin
Lisa Palfrey as Sue Oliver Jackson as Simon | Jack McMullen as Tommy Jack McMullen as Tommy
© Richard Davenport


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