"Haunting, hilarious, compelling"

"Fearless storytelling at its best."

Two Foreskins Walk into a Bar by Chris Thompson is a hit podcast and a sell-out off Broadway solo show.

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"Haunting, beautifully written and very, very funny."

"Raw, funny and completely compulsive."

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Contains strong language and references to sex and drug use. Adults only.

An unflinching and hilarious account of starting your life again when you’re a bottom who has hit rock bottom...

With his 10-year relationship at an end and his career going down the toilet, loser British playwright Chris Thompson heads to New York City where he embarks on a journey of sexual liberation and self discovery. It’s a journey that propels him into the liminal spaces of gay New York past and present. As he searches for connection in cruising grounds, art galleries, dive bars, Chris is haunted by the artists of New York City who came before him and the ghost of every gay man in whose footsteps he walks- forcing Chris to face up the limitations of his own desires.

Two a powerful, laugh-out-loud and lyrical meditation on queer desire, self deception and collective memory. Laying himself bare with striking vulnerability, Chris Thompson’s writing and performance leaves audiences, entertained, deeply spoken to and “seen, adored and celebrated.”

"Honest, raw and fearless. Compelling reading."

Reviews quoted are from audience reviews and iTunes reviews for the podcast and the off Broadway show

On stage

Watch a 12 minute highlight reel of Two Foreskins Walk into a Bar, performed live at the Kraine Theater, NYC.